About DQS

DQS is one of the leading certification bodies for management systems worldwide. With 80 offices in 60 countries, and 2,500 auditors and experts worldwide, DQS is your trusted partner for sustainable success. DQS Holding, based in Frankfurt, provides the strategic leadership for all DQS offices worldwide. We strive for one common goal: to improve our customers’ management systems and organizational health by offering value-adding assessment services and trainings.

About DQS Xpert

Under the brand DQS Xpert, DQS bundles selected high-quality trainings, events, webinars and eLearning courses. All courses on offer are available to internal and external auditors, consultants, trainers, practitioners and anyone interested in learning more about quality, safety and sustainability.


DQS Xpert eLearning

DQS Xpert includes a state of the art eLearning portal, built on the most advanced eLearning technology, the unparalleled experience of our subject matter experts and the knowhow of our didactic team.