Gender Awareness & Social Auditing Techniques Training


Full Course Title: Gender Awareness & Social Auditing Techniques –  eLearning Course
Type: eLearning
Duration: 8 hours
Certificate: Yes

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Almost all social auditing standards include the requirement that workers should be able to work in an environment that is free of discrimination and harassment. However, there is overwhelming evidence that for many workers, this remains a dream rather than reality.

As this training specifically focused on auditor techniques, auditors will learn about social, economic & cultural risks and how a gender lens can be implemented into other areas, such as wages, working hours and management systems through in-depth information and interactive interview scenarios. The successful completion of this course will enable you to integrate the gender-sensitive perspective within existing audit assessments.


What is included in the course?

Module 1 – Gender Awareness will provide you with an essential education regarding gender awareness.

  • Introduction to gender and gender based violence and discrimination
  • Reasons that lead to gender based violence and discrimination (including intersectionality)
  • The impacts of gender based violence and discrimination

Module 2 – Audit practices is specifically focused on auditor techniques.

  • Why Gender-Sensitive Social Auditing
  • Recognizing Social, Economic & Cultural Risks
  • Integrating a Gender-Sensitive Audit Perspective within Existing Audit Assessments
  • Gender-Sensitive Worker Interviews and Interviewing Techniques
  • Handling incidents and issues
  • Good Practices
  • Audit Follow-Up and Reporting

Both modules are carefully designed, interactive and based on state-of-the-art research. The eLearning Course builds upon the insights of the report “Gender Equality in Social Auditing Guidance”, published in September 2018 by BSR.

What will I learn?

The successful completion of this course will raise your awareness for gender-related problems and enable you to integrate gender-sensitive audit techniques within existing social auditing practices. The course is compatible with all commonly used social auditing protocols, such as SMETA, amfori (BSCI), RBA VAP, … .

Who should sign up for this course?

This e-learning course is specifically designed for social compliance auditors. The course is mandatory for DQS auditors.


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